Why Smelling Good Is Also Self-Care

March 26, 2019

A good scent has the power to make us feel brand new and optimistic. When you smell great, you're going to feel great about yourself. What if I told you you could live a healthier life just by wearing your favorite fragrance?

Smelling Good is Feeling Good

Whether you're waking up first thing in the morning and feeling unfresh, coming home from a sweaty workout session, or a long day of hard work, we all know the annoying feeling of feeling unfresh. It makes us feel bad about ourselves and puts us in a bad mood, which makes us not want to leave the house. This is where a nice, refreshing fragrance comes in handy!

The scent gives us a quick pick-me-up and refreshment. This makes us feel better about ourselves and more presentable. This in turn makes us feel more confident, ready to face our challenges, and allows us to gladly leave the house and run into new people and opportunities that could potentially change our lives. When you smell great, you feel great about yourself.

Scent has Emotional Benefits on the Brain

While wearing our favorite fragrance, we are constantly exposed to amazing emotional benefits. Pleasant scents are scientifically proven to evoke positive, uplifting emotions and good memories. Reuniting with a scent we haven't smelled in a while can instantly flood us with so many great memories and joyful feelings. Can you remember the aroma in grandma's kitchen or the smell of fresh pizza coming out of the oven and saying “What's that smell? It smells so good!”

You don't need products that are specifically called aromatherapy to reap the benefits of scent. The therapeutic effects of aromas can be enjoyed in our favorite perfumes and colognes as well!  Not only do our favorite fragrances smell amazing, they also make us feel better. Scents have the power to take us away into our feelings and into our own little vacation. A great scent can even become addicting! Have you ever went overboard with the cologne or perfume? You may smell strong, but rest assured, you'll smell and feel great.

Self Expression

Everyone wants to discover themselves and their place in this world. We want to be able to find what makes us different in a big world and feel understood. The feeling of finding a scent that really says “me” is awesome. Wearing our favorite scent helps us express ourselves and feel important and unique. It's a big relief to finally find something that you personally enjoy.

A very important part of self-expression is gender expression. We do not need to be born a certain gender to identify as one. Picking a fragrance that matches our gender identity helps put our beliefs and identities out there in the world, while helping us discover and love ourselves. Loving who we are inside and taking pride in our gender expression helps us live the best life we can; stress-free and open with who we really are.

Our favorite scents can put us in a wonderful mood and directly affect our emotions. They allow us to express ourselves fully, helping us create a happier, fulfilled, healthy life. When you smell great, you feel great.