Self Care Tips For Your Mental Health During The Pandemic

March 22, 2020

Self Care Tips For Your Mental Health During The Pandemic

Well hasn’t 2020 so far been one for the books! As every single day more headlines and television stations are dominated by the disheartening news of the Coronavirus. With so much happening at such a rapid rate; schools shutting down, jobs closing up, hoarding of supplies and a lot of panic, it's so easy for your mental health to be impacted negatively. This is especially so if you deal with anxiety, panic attacks or might have a loved one, who has been affected. We understand how hard it must be to keep calm and think positively during such a traumatic experience.

Fortunately, we have some self care tips that will be great for reducing the mental stress you might be facing during this pandemic.

Search For Updates From Only Credible Sources

Since the spread of the COVID- 19 virus, it's very much expected to see a number of publications about it all over the internet. Essentially, every website owner looking to sell affiliate products, or possibly drive traffic to their site is churning out content related to the virus. However, here's one thing you need to understand… not everything you read about online is true. Hence, as much as we are all still trying to keep up with the latest updates, you should try limiting your options to only credible sources.

For instance, the World Health Organization (W.H.O) website is a reliable source for daily updates on the virus.

Misinformation always results in fear and panic, so try eliminating that and you'll be calm and reassured always.


                                          Focus On You

Self care is all about you and what goes on in your mind and head, so focusing on that is a great way to keep calm. To achieve this, try as much as possible to refrain from worrying and checking on different websites for news daily. Even though it is necessary to be informed about the current happenings surrounding the virus, dwelling on it can/will induce fear and panic. Instead, focus on preventive measures, eating healthily, getting enough sleep, exercising and meditating.

This will keep you much more relaxed and calm, as resting properly will have a positive impact on your mood. I have been doing a lot of virtual yoga and meditation sessions and I highly recommend you look into home workouts such as those during this time.

Talk To Loved Ones

A forsure way to keep calm all through this stressful time is to talk to loved ones. Talking about your concerns/fear and spending time with people who love and support you might help you deal with the challenges you have. Plus, it is, also, comforting and reassuring.

Show Love To Others

Aside from getting support and love from your friends and family, showing love to others is a great way to feel comforted for both parties. Give help when it is needed, be there for those that need you and even if your loved one is quarantined, don't fret. Bear in mind that it is temporary and all they need is your love and support. It's so important to think about your mental health at this time and to take proactive measures to care for yourself. Also, if you feel you might need professional help, then consider speaking to one over the phone. Be safe and know that this pandemic will definitely pass.