We live today on the shoulders of those (our nonbinary and trans elders) that have fought for us. We live today for the family (inherited and chosen) that have nurtured us. And, we live for the community that believes in the long standing tradition that the struggle for change lives on within all of us. In the spirit of change, we at Nick Ricardo set out to reimagine the world in the fragrance beauty industry.

An industry still framed in a binary fashion that doesn’t reflect the range of lived experiences and identities of the LGBTQIA+ community, Nick Ricardo redefines the idea that scent is bounded by gender binaries. Founded by Nick Yeast, Nick Ricardo was named in honor of the love and legacy that fostered his journey. Embracing the beauty of his story coming out to his father in rural Kentucky, Nick believes that beauty unfolds when we embrace our own truths. Proudly black-owned and queer, Nick Ricardo invites you to embody your truth. You are worthy. You are seen. You are heard. You are believed. You are free. Support Nick Ricardo and our collective effort to embolden you to live as your truest self.





About Us

Learn more about the founder, Nick Ricardo Yeast, as he shares his inspiration behind the brand.


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Our Culture

Giving is in our culture, we are dedicated to giving part of the proceeds to the TGIJP of San Francisco. Click to learn more!

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